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 OJB Packaging (P) Ltd. is in the business of packaging and printing from the past 35 to 40 yrs (as it is traditional business). But I am in the business for the past 16 years and I have office, factory and godown in Kolkata. One of the most important and basic agenda for us is our client satisfaction. We have kept up to the expectation of our clients for the past years and now continue our legacy with honour and pride. Innovative ideas and latest technology is what we look forward to in our production process, keeping in mind the demands and the vision of our clients. We have few of the best known names in the Retail Sector, Tea Sector, Health Care sector, Confectionaries and other top brass sectors as well. The extra Edge. Apart from printing and packaging we also deal in all kinds of body labels, Leaf-Let, Cartons, Dangler, Publicity Poster, Chain Danglers, Stickers and all kind of add materials.

  • 7 Colour + Online Coating, The UV Printing Machine from KBA Germany
  • Proteck Offline UV & Aqua Coater
  • Bobst Novacut 106 Die Cutters
  • Bobst Ambition A-1 Folder Gluer
  • Alpha Omega Folder Gluer
  • Pratham Sheet fed Paper Folders for Literature
  • Heidelberg Hot Foil Stamper
  • Paper & Board Cutting Machines from Proteck & Sato
  • Screen CTP
  • ESKO Pre Press Workflow

Printing Technology

 A first of its kind in Eastern India. This machine is capable of printing on Paper, PaperBoard, Plastic, Kraft Paper, etc. with a huge variety of effects such as metallic, drip off effects, textures, etc. at a  speed of 16,000 sheets an hour. With this kind of quality and speed unheard of in this part of the country,  we shall be able to give you wonderful UV & Conventional printed packaging cartons to place your product on the shelves in comparison to the best in the world guaranteed to make the consumers take notice and give the product the edge needed.

The Bobst Novacut 106 ER Die Cutter

The first of its kind in India. This beauty is capable of die cutting the printed sheets with stripping and blanking  at one go and that too at amazing peeds. With two of these in our stable, we shall have an advantage to give you the  best die cut (shaped) cartons in the industry leaving the nearest competition huffing and puffing to catch up. The state of the art technology from the world leaders BOBST SWITZERLAND has no parallel. It abolishes the need of any human interference in the shaping of the carton. With automatic stripping and blanking, it produces the perfectly shaped carton every time. The difference can be felt as you hold the perfectly crafted carton in your hand.

Bobst Expertfold 110

The Beast with amazing beauty. Things couldn’t get any better than with the installation of the Expertfold 110. You don’t become experts in the production of folding cartons overnight. This wonderful piece of machinery from the world leader in folder-gluer machines…BOBST sets us apart from all. Features like, blank aligner, ‘Flipper’ ejector, Accubraille, Prebreaking,Crashlock attachment, 4 & 6 Corner versatility makes this machine unbeatable. The folding cartons produced run effortlessly on your automatic packing machines, saving huge sums of money for you.

Rotary Window Patching & Lining from Heiber Schroder – Germany

 Another first of its kind in Eastern India. The Automatic Window Patching Machine is capable of giving you a huge variety of options of creating windows in the cartons for your products visibility in the wonderfully crafted cartons. This machine is also capable of attaching a liner inside the cartons. This liner can be of paper, aluminium or plastic. The main purpose is to save the product packed inside from outside moisture.

High Speed Laminator, Hard Box Forming, V-Notch Applicator, Gravure Printing

In addition, we have a host of other equipments which thereby gives OJB unparalleled infrastructure to create any sort of carton. Automatic Laminator, be it for the cartons interior or exterior.

Also to give you world class metallic lamination for that extra edge with the UV printed carton giving it the metallic effect. Box Forming Machines, to give you the best erected cartons of a wide range of shapes and sizes and also the perfect hard box for the food & export market. V-Notch Applicator to give your carton the perfect corner window that displays your product from multiple directions.We also have Hot Foil Stamping for that Gold & Silver effect or any other coloured foil effect.  

Design Futuristic

Pre-Press: CTP, Pile Turner

Design is the backbone of the trade. It is the designs that make the folding carton appealing. We have a strong design team in place working on the best software available – ESKO. We design for you the most ergonomically shaped cartons with superb looks.Digital Printing Machine and Special Plotter Printers have been installed to give real time proofing to our esteemed customers.The Sample Maker adds to the feature of converting the above designs and shapes into sample cartons which act as a ready reckoner for our customers who actually get to see what the end product will look like on production.The best Quality Inspection equipment and trained QC/QA personnel ensure that excellent & consistent quality is produced anytime and everytime. The ISO certified systems put in place with our experience, ensure that our customers are never fretting and always smiling. We look orward to your patronage in the days to come…

 In short, with a 90K working floor area and high-class infrastructure to house all the above, OJB which already has a skilled force to take care of all spheres of production, is fully geared up to storm into the market with its innovative ideas. These personnel ,trained by the masters of the trade from different quarters of the globe are fully equipped to handle these machines. All products are to be manufactured in a clean room concept with Epoxy Flooring and dust free environment, a much needed requirement of the food industry.